Tulare’s Roosevelt Roughriders expressing their appreciation to Soled Out for Kids. Reaching Higher, Tulare Western ASB, and Spirit 88.9.

Congrats to my new friend Eddie, on your new BBQ smoker! AND he’s celebrating his 33rd anniversary with his wife this weekend. Might I suggest RIBS!

All set up at the Big Man’s Breakfast in Tulare! Somebody’s going home with a smoker today!

World Concern & the 44¢ Cure

PLEDGE DRIVE for Spirit 88.9 & Bakersfield’s 100.1 is coming up March 25, and we’re SO EXCITED to bring stories of hope and transformation that show that Spirit is more than just a radio station… and we’re just as excited to announce our ministry partner this Spring:


An awesome Christian relief organization that is doing amazing things for people all around the world.  One of the problems they’ve seen firsthand in third world countries is PARASITES.  Easily spread through contaminated water or food, parasites threaten children causing malnutrition, blindness, disease, and even death.  In fact, 7 million children die from the effects of parasites every year.

But, there is hope.

They’ve developed the 44¢ Cure, a simple pill that expels worms and parasites within kids, and provides essential nutrients to help them become healthy, and stop or prevent blindness.

When you step up and support Spirit 88.9 & 100.1 in Bakersfield with a monthly gift of $30 ($1 a day), World Concern will be able to provide the cure and care for a classroom of children infected with parasites (35 kids).  Not only will their health improve, you’ll be opening the door for them to hear and accept the love of Jesus.

Click here to make that donation to the ministry of Spirit 88.9 & Bakersfield’s 100.1, or call us 1-800-530-5388.

More about World Concern here: WorldConcern.org/44CentCure

The Neverclaim rockin some worship at the Roadshow!

If you watch this video on the right side of the page your heart will be touched.  Please consider becoming a child’s sponsor.  Share with others so they can understand too.

Bertide needs a Compassion Sponsor to have food, education, and resources to grow up strong.  Just click on her photo to be her sponsor.

Bedo has an amazing voice that I wanted to share with you.  This little Haitian girl has so much to share.


Bob Croft with a special soloist Bedo.   She knows how to worship.

I made a friend in Haiti.  She loved the bracelet that I gave her.  I looked around the corner and there popped out this little girl.  We were able to catch up to her and meet her mother too.  It made me think about her future.  What would it look like?  Bright if she becomes a Compassion Child.  Sponsor a child at www.Spirit889.com. #HopeforHaiti